Three Natural Aphrodisiac Foods to Arouse Women


Women aren’t exactly the most aroused one out of the two common genders and turning them on might be a bit tricky. Today, manufacturers have developed female arousal pills that are made from aphrodisiacs and other natural ingredients that can boost the female species’ libido which will help them experience the sensation of being aroused more frequently than they normally would. Because they are made from natural ingredients, more and more orders are coming in today from men to get their partners aroused. But what you might find interesting is, there are a lot of natural aphrodisiac foods that can help you in your mission. Let’s check them out below:



Chocolate is not far from the sexy imagery that pops into our heads when we think about aphrodisiac foods which coincidentally is not far from the truth either. Studies have shown that chocolate does possess the ability to arouse the female species.

For example, you’ll quickly notice that women expect chocolate on Valentine’s Day or their Anniversary, and they usually will reward the gesture and gift with sex and affection. The delicacy is also studied to be found as possessing memory boosting and lowering blood pressure qualities which makes them a healthy and organic option to get your partner going.



We already know that chocolate and strawberries are the perfect models for food porn, but what about the latter’s efficacy? Does strawberry actually count as an aphrodisiac? Turns out they do! Valentine-day is often linked with the color pink or red just like roses and strawberries, and that did not come without any research. Strawberries can indeed increase one’s energy levels which is why it’s similar to athletes taking a cold shower to increase their dopamine levels, so if you want to get your partner freaky, you should stock up on a few berries.



“Honey, I’m home!” the famous line used in all households does bring out a sense of sweetness that we can taste in our hearts, and if you want to make your “honey” lust over you, then it’s time you start giving her real organic honey. Since honey contains baron which boosts our hormone production and nitric oxide which is released by our blood during arousal, it makes sense how it could be considered a natural aphrodisiac that even animals could not resist such as bears and badgers. Honey is also rich in vitamin B and has been made an international symbol of fertility.

The Bottom Line

Even though females are harder to turn on, that doesn’t mean the task is impossible. There are ample female arousal products out there in the market that are just waiting for you to get them checked out at the counter. However, if you want to do it the old way, we suggest you try out these three natural aphrodisiac foods to get your partner going!