penis enlargement

Reasons to Use Penis Extenders

Penis extenders are safe devices that are used to enlarge your penis, correct curvatures, and improve erectile function. The penile traction method is used to stretch the penile tissue and produce new cell growth and end up growing the shaft’s length and thickness. You can use best penis enlargement extenders to improve length. Here are some reasons to correct peyronie’s disease:

Correct Peyronie’s Disease

penis extendersPeyronie’s disease can affect the way a man pleases his partner. Having a curved penis might be a problem to some men and using penis extenders corrects the curvatures.

The extenders straighten the curvature of the penis by rebuilding tissue to match the device’s shape. There’s no need for surgery once the penis is straightened. Your body heals from the tears by creating new cells to fill in the gaps and the process is painful.

Improve Confidence

Penis extenders play an important role in boosting both physical and mental well-being. Having issues to do with the penis can affect a man in many aspects of life like; health, performance in the bedroom, romance with their partners, self-esteem, etc.

Although the devices work differently, the results are seen slowly after some time and the fastest results after months of use. As soon as someone starts to see the results, their self-esteem is boosted. They want to get back to dating and feeling good generally.

Increase Penis Length and Girth

penis extendingPenis extenders are easy to use and are designed to produce noticeable results for your shaft. You are likely to experience a firmer tension to the shaft without any discomfort. The devices come with interchangeable padding options to maximize comfort and security. A good penis extender utilizes a strong tension force of 2800 grams to stretch your penis tissue.

Men with penis sizes ranging from 1.5 inches to 8 inches can see positive results. A 20% to 30% increase in length and girth is seen after completing a six-month stretching regimen. If the extender is used for several months it will also boost blood flow to erections. Scientific studies have proven penis extenders are the only way to enlarge your penis aside from penis enlargement surgeries.

Improve Erections

Penis extenders improve the flow of blood to the shaft which gives fuller and harder erections. The penis head tissues also become more sensitive to stimulation which helps maintain erections. This means that even men who are satisfied with their shaft length can also benefit from the longer erections.

You should be patient since the results may be felt from six months of daily use. Some doctors recommend penis extenders to men who have erectile dysfunction, although they say you should start wearing the device slowly for an hour a day during the first week and increase the use when you are comfortable.