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Reasons for Low Libido in Women

Women’s libido reduces as they advance in age. Additionally, the sex drive drops or rises at the onset or end of significant life changes, such as a new relationship, a pregnancy, an illness, or menopause. However, the libido may also drop due to the consumption of some medications, especially those used for mental issues.

Luckily, women with sexual arousal disorder can enhance their libido by using female sex pills, and they can enjoy sex again. Moreover, they can initiate lifestyle changes like maintaining an active lifestyle, eating healthily, and reducing things that interfere with their sexual drive.

Here are some reasons why women may experience low libido levels:

Excess Alcohol and Drugs Abuse

drinking excess alcoholAlthough drinking a glass of wine before your bedroom activities can help get you in the right mood for a steamy love-making session, over-drinking alcohol negatively impacts your libido. Using street drugs and smoking also negatively affect your sex drive because they interfere with blood flow, reducing sexual arousal.

Because drinking too much alcohol over a long duration can mess with your libido, it is advisable not to over-drink. Both males and females should avoid regularly drinking over 14 units of alcohol per week. Those already hooked to liquor, smoking, and drugs need to seek help to regain their libido and overall health.

Medical Problems

Women can also experience low sex desire due to a lot of non-sexual illnesses. These diseases include arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, neurological disorders, and others. In addition, mental illnesses like depression are also a significant cause of low sex drive in women and men.

Furthermore, women may have low libido due to their poor mental image, stress and anxiety, and other mental issues. To improve sex desire, women need to seek medical attention to manage some of these problems. Unfortunately, some have no cure, but the patient has to learn how to cope with them.

Relationship Issues

Another significant cause of low sexual drive in women is relationship problems. If there is no emotional closeness with their partners, women’s sexual intimacy may be negatively affected. Some of the relationship issues that affect women’s libido include trust issues, unresolved fights, and conflicts, disconnect with the partner and lack of proper communication of matters related to sexual needs and preferences. Fortunately, you can resolve these issues by working on a better relationship with your spouse and seeking professional help from counselors.