Insta Crushes of March <3

Hey all! Here is another round of one of my favorite series: Instagram Crushes. Please go ahead and find/love/follow these amazing natural dyers. We all need as much support and love as we can get. <3


Liz Spencer, aka the Dogwood Dyer, is a slow fashion instructor at Parsons and is a real front runner in the world of natural dyes. Her workshops span eco-printing, indigo vat creation, and various forms of mark making onto fabrics. Her flower prints are luscious, like how does she get them so clear? I really love her feed. It is light and airy but has just the right amount of bright color. What else could you ask for?


Annabella Sardelis creates beautiful textiles out of Minneapolis. She has this wonderful sense for pattern making which I am super inspired by. She also achieves these really dark and luscious colors which just work together so well. Her feed is always so inspiring and I love seeing new works by her pop up.


Look at those eco-prints! Maybe it's because I just had a failed attempt at eco-printing the other day or something else, but these prints are really making me feel something. Those colors are just so dark and murky and sensual. Irene is a new find for me (or at least I've just started noticing her work pop up on our feed) and I'm super excited to keep on this journey alongside her. She also has these scarves that are silk/wool blend that I basically died over seeing. 


Rebecca Desnos' name is probably already on your mind if you are in the natural dye world. I feel like just in the short time that we've been following her on insta she has BLOWN UP. She has an extremely interesting mordanting process using soy beans (which I never knew was even an option). She also works a lot with avocados. How can you go wrong with that color. Rebecca is putting out an e-book later this year (fingers crossed) which I am so excited for!


So much indigo & I love it! I just had to throw in that turmeric dyed scarf in the water to break it up a bit. Emilie Didyoung's feed is like floating through the sky. She has a bunch of wonderful resists that are super simple, but oh so impactful. You'll see a lot of linen which is amazing. Go ahead and give her some love - I'm super interested in that dye book you've got going!

Until next time stay beautiful folks!
With love & beauty,


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