Ashton's Instagram Crush - January 2016


Whenever I’m on this account I feel like I’m in a smoky blue dream. o s e m. is an ethical fabrics business working with “mother earth color pigmentation.” I love that turn of phrase – mother earth color. This insta is a great blend of products to buy, as well as ethereal lit workshop documentation. If you love indigo, you’ll love this account.


Portland based artist, Natalie Novak, has created an arresting account documenting her weaving process. The World, her real showstopper, has been document extensively. A bit witchy too, you’ll find images of altar spaces, tarot decks, & internal spaces showcasing some of her works.


Twin sisters run this account: twin natural dyers – one of which is a fellow Baltimorean. Finding another natural dyer so close to us in proximity is really exciting! This account is very much a day in life documentation of a natural dye duo. There are some really beautiful products to look at. We hope to work with them soon!


Alluring, sensual, & full of glitz. Elena’s drawings & soft sculptures are primordial, magical, & a bit off-putting. There is a cohesive flow. I can’t even imagine how many hours she has spent sewing on sequins! These images drew me in & keep me coming back for more.


We have another Baltimore artist team! These ladies are a kickass duo doing great work all over the city & the world. These sense of color & geometry are inspiring & if you go far enough back you can see some interesting textile pieces. This team created my favorite mural in Baltimore & it always brings me sunshine & happiness when I see it.

With love & light & beauty,

Posted on a Waxing Crescent