What's Cookin'

Hey ya'll! In a few posts back, I had mentioned Ashton and I were moving away from quilting a bit. Not because we don't love it (because we still do!), but because it is more or less a hobby. Attempting to produce a bunch of hand-made quilts was really taking it out of us. Like the new moon, we were feeling a bit empty, searching for a practice that will make us feel whole again.

So, we have decided to work on a batch of goods such as head wraps, bandanas, and SCARVES! This is something we are both super excited about because we both love to accessorize with pretty fiber things, especially scarves. We also are able to really take our natural dyeing to the next level and really get to experiment with certain things we haven't had the time to do. 

Here is a sneak peak of one of our eco-printed scarves. It's 100% cotton with 100% natural plant materials. I can't wait for Fall to roll around so we can rock these layers every day!

Hope you're are all feeling full and energized today! 

with love&light,


Posted on a Waning Crescent