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I don't know if you saw the video over the weekend on our instagram, but I finally pulled out this sewable LED kit I purchased from Adafruit many moons ago and tried it out. During my M.F.A. thesis I started doing a bit of research into e-textiles, or smart textiles, but my focus was elsewhere, and I really couldn't delve very far. Well now I've got a bit more time and I'm excited to see what technology can do with textiles.

Here is a list of e-textiles I'm super inspired by.

1. Imogen Heap Mi.Mu gloves

These gloves recognize programmed gestures of the wearer to create sound. Imogen intends to use these as a new form of making music. One of her songs Me the Machine, is completely created using these gloves.


2. Chameleon Mood Scarf

This scarf is multi-layered to register body temperature, low light conditions, and sunlight. All allowing to make a unique fashion accessory dependent completely on surroundings.


3. Jellyfish Skirt

This skirt transforms the wearer into a deep sea, bioluminescent jellyfish. I really adore this, and there is even an Instructable about it!


4. Potentiometer Hoodie

Change the color of the lights in your hoodie just by stretching a little string hidden in your jacket!


5. Light Up Purse

Have a habit of not finding things in your purse at night (or maybe in the day even)? This quick fix helps you go out at night, without a worry about finding your wallet, or that thing of chapstick you threw in there last week.


Inspiring, am I right? I'm about to invest in Adafruit's book, Getting Started with Adafruit FLORA. Maybe you will too. Until next time.

With love & beauty,

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