September Signs

Happy September to you all! I wanted to take a moment to share with you just how strange this month always is for me. That is because virtually ALL my loved ones, (with the exception of a few) have all been born in this very month. And more than half of those beautiful September babies have been born under the sign of Libra. I'm dating a Libra, living with a Libra, a sister to a Libra, a daughter to a Libra/Virgo and a relative  and friend to many other Libra/Virgos. It's a bit spooky actually. 

And so, I find myself constantly running to the post office to mail off birthday cards, calling friends and family at strange hours to sing them an original birthday tune and all around just surrounded by these mystifying and complicated signs. 

Virgos and Libras tend to have similarities with their overall temperament. For one, they are all about negotiations, weighing decisions and finding a healthy balance. Both signs are extremely indecisive, but tend to make very deliberate and intentional choices (once they can finally get around to actually making a decision!) Virgos are earth signs, which makes them rooted, and very in touch with their physical senses.  Libras are calm, diplomatic, highly sensitive and emotionally mature. They are air signs, which makes them total intellectuals and abstract thinkers. The one thing I tend to notice most of all between these two sings, is their constant need for balance, order, and analytical understanding of everythingness. 

As a celebration of all of these wonderful September babies in my life, I'm going to show you some of the things in my life that currently  keep me feeling balanced, whole and rooted. 

1. Reading (currently involved with Habibi by Craig Thompson

2. New Sun Room

3. Hanging crystals

  Still finding the best lit rooms for crystal hanging…so far, its almost every room! So happy!

 Still finding the best lit rooms for crystal hanging…so far, its almost every room! So happy!

Have a lovely Sunday evening everyone!

With love&light,


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