Etsy Shop!

Hey ya'll! If you havn't noticed, we have officially launched our etsy shop which you can also find on our shop page! Ashton and I both are moving in a slightly new (and exciting) direction in regards to our Wax & Wane products. Although we absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE our quilts and quilt making process, we are focusing a bit more on naturally dyed wearables. Our quilts --like the ones in the last blog post by Ashton-- will all still be available for purchase on our etsy shop, however, we realize that our audience (with us included) simply cannot afford hand-made quilts all the time. We also have been itching to go back to our original love of natural dyes as our own process and not just for our workshops. Our studio will continue being a place for quilts to be born, however we want to create a production dye kitchen so that we can make custom, one-of-a-kind products like our bandanas, head wraps, and scarves while also experimenting and playing with new dye recipes.  Check out some of our first products below!

Moon Goddess Bandana- Indigo dyed with Batik


Made to Order Shibori Head Wrap- Indigo Dyed and Shibori bound


Hope you like what you see! For inquiries, please feel free to send us an email or message us on etsy. We are always happy to hear your wants and desires and make you the product of your dreams! 

With love&light,


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