In the Meantime

Hi y'all,

Currently the Adding Layers quilt is in the wash, and I'm looking through the big ole list I just created of all my works in progress (it is much longer than I expected it to be). Just like with the Adding Layers quilt, I kind of sort of hid another quilt from myself, right at the time of completion! This one I can tell you has much further to go. So I decided to pick it back up and try to finish it.

I didn't grab any pictures tonight, because there was such a good creation energy in the studio, so you'll have to use your imaginations with me. Just to get you in the right mindset, I'm currently learning needle-turn appliqué. And of course, because I can't do anything simply, I decided to try my hand at this on a HUGE 3ft circle. Needless to say, it will take me a few hours.

I had thrown the front door and the big garage door next to our studio open for a nice breeze. Most of the night I had my back to the outside. I was very focused on my work. Then, as I was needle turn appliquéing, I turned around and lo and behold the moon was right there. To make matters even better, it was a waxing crescent, my birth moon. So I stopped for a bit and admired. Then I proceeded back to my appliqué.

If you haven't made the time yet, step outside (if you can where you are) and look at the Moon. She is awfully gorgeous tonight.

With love & beauty,

Posted on a waxing crescent.