Going Upstate//Fresh Air

Hey ya'll! So I am clearly making up for lost timing this week. I would never forsake you, I just really had to get out of the city for a few days and clear my head! Sometimes with all the things on our to do lists, the best solution to stress is to honestly just run away for a little bit (with the intention of coming back of course). My partner and I decided to get away and explore the Hudson Valley area, an area that a lot of my family still currently resides in. We packed our tent, called up some friends, got a cat(s)-sitter and wanderlused out of Baltimore! And man, something about seeing the horizon again really just makes you come alive. 

 Working on a new quilt with some new views and some new music. 

Working on a new quilt with some new views and some new music. 

Clarence Fahnstock State Park

Unfortunately due to bad cell reception, lack of phone chargers and an unhealthy amount of bourbon I was unable to capture the beauty of our campsite. I know, I am just as disappointed as ya'll must be. But, it IS a sight to behold and I highly suggest going up there for a day or two to camp, hike and swim. 

Palaia Winery

This was one of my favorite wineries I have been to simply because the original owners were and still are huge dead-heads who pine away for some sort of Woodstock revival to happen. (For those of you who are unfamiliar, a "dead-head" refers to a Grateful Dead fan, or my former high-school self.) 

Sugarloaf Art and Craft Village

This ADORABLE village was about 25 minutes east of the winery. We found out about it from some locals we chatted with back at the Palaia. Sugarloaf consists of a strip of maybe two and a half blocks of brightly painted Victorian homes and cottages that are owned by local artisans. I think we were the only people actually walking up and down the street on this particular weekday.


As I was checking out in this store, the doe eyed, pink-haired 16 year old who was checking me out struck up a conversation with me. She asked me about where I was from and I told her I lived in Baltimore. Usually I get some sort of terribly biased response when I say this. But on this occasion the girl let out a sigh of what I assumed was teenage longing. She told me how desperate she was to move away from this area. I laughed because the whole ride there I was telling my partner how much I wanted to leave behind the city for these quiet, wooden New England towns. I guess its true that we always seem to want what we can't have. I hope for both that girls sake and my own, we can all find a healthy balance between the worlds we want to live in.

Storm King Art Center

The final part of our trip was going to the Storm King Art Center and Sculpture Park. The Park was right on the outskirts of the National Park area of Storm King. I HIGHLY recommend all artists and art enthusiasts to come here from some relaxation and inspiration. Unfortunately all of our phones were dead and I had about ten minutes to run around and document as much as I could. What I am able to show you on this blog post are images of Lynda Benglis's work below and some picturesque landscapes.

The entire park sits on 500 acres of gorgeous, rambling fields and woods. I believe there are around 100 site-specific commissioned sculptures, all perfectly curated around the park. Some big names and personal favorites include Andy Goldsworthy, Alyson Shotz, Sol Lewitt and Zang Huan. We stayed all day and were able to see almost all of the work in the park, it was both exhilarating and exhausting! I hope ya'll can make it there one day too!

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Posted on a First Quarter Moon