Feeling Filled

As it seems appropriate, Claire has written our (and her) first post about the New Moon, while I have decided to write mine on the Full Moon. I would like to say welcome first and foremost to our online hub where you can keep up to date with all things Wax & Wane. For all the positivity that the New Moon brought Claire and Wax & Wane, it didn’t do the same for me, personally. But the great joy of our cyclical Mother is that we ebb and flow with her out of these times of hardship and into times of peace and production. I have found the latter to be the case for me.

Textile Moon

Let me introduce myself first, and tell you a bit about my relationship with this moon cycle (trust me, it all fits in quite perfectly together). First let me say that I have the great privilege of working with a local non-profit to integrate creativity (mostly fiber based activities) into pre-existing grief groups. I have the privilege of equipping people with new skills to process their grief in healthy and beneficial ways. The work I do here is truly wonderful, and I feel so blessed to be a part of the organization.

However, as any of you out there who are also empaths know, this kind of work can be draining. I don’t directly work with clients on their grief, that is the task of the social worker running the overall group but the stories of grief, trauma, and sadness come out through the artwork and through conversations. I am in contact with these people and their stories on a daily basis. They rely on me to help support and stabilize them. This support costs my energy and just like the moon before she was reborn I was being drained of my light.

Textile Moon

I made a conscious effort to shift my understanding of these stories, and changing them from draining to empowering! I realized that they are sharing with me their energy, it is a gift even when it doesn’t feel like it. I for so long wanted to purge that energy out of my system – to just totally give it away. Now, I want it to push me forward.

 My cat, Beau, also helps push me forward (mostly towards his food bowl).

My cat, Beau, also helps push me forward (mostly towards his food bowl).

My relationship with the Moon is even more simplified. It is one of my greatest connections to my mother. She reminds me on every occasion to look at the Moon. No matter how far away I am from her, all I have to do is look up and know that she is watching over me.  That also encourages me to move onward into this beautiful unknown.

As we are fluxing back into the New Moon, I hope that I can keep this renewed sense of joy and peace that I am carrying with me. I know some days will be draining and all I’ll want to do is sleep, but I need to dream with my eyes open and look to the Moon for guidance. 

In love & beauty,


Posted on a waning gibbous.