An Attempt at Adding Layers

Claire and I bought Kathy Doughtry's book, Adding Layersa few months ago. We both found great bits of inspiration from her usage of color, pattern, and geometry. I was most inspired by her use of color. Because as a budding maximalist I want to learn how to use color more effectively.

I have always found this to be an area that I have little confidence in. I'm not sure why, but when I look at my work compared to others (probably my first problem) I tend to think that my colorings never match up as well as anyone else. It's either too little or too much.

Looking at Kathy's works, I was inspired to go a bit wild. I wanted to make something that had a real presence, and something that mixed textures, bright colors, and patterns. All I really wanted was to make a feast for the eyes. I pop over to my local Joann's and just started rummaging through the fabrics. Pulling out first the floral print you see above. This was my inspiration fabric as Kathy calls it. This is the piece that guide the decision making process when it comes to complementary fabrics.

Working intuitively and looking very closely at Gee's Bend quilts, I cut and pieced this top very quickly. I focused the dance on blending solids and patterns. The finished top is very full and arresting, which is exactly how I wanted it to be. And it has a beautiful amount of wonkiness to it - the quality I like the most about Gee's Bend. 

I liked working on this experiment and I look forward to seeing this quilt make a home with one of you. After it's bound up, I'll post it to our shop. Continue in on this journey with me as I process through this wonderful world of color.

With love & beauty,

Posted on a waxing crescent.