Ashton's Instagram Crushes - December

Hey all! I thought I would do another Instagram Crushes post for you all - this one is a lot less about finding a visual alchemy & more about who are currently inspiring me. Hail to these makers & the awesome things they are doing!


Claire found this account for us through our joint instagram. Noel Bennetto is an American Indian Artist & Activist who creates beautiful pieces with spirited intention and Medicine. Spanning the textile forms of sewing, beading, and dyeing, Noel creates beautiful and mysterious works that could adorn your body or your home.


I first discovered this account through my quilty connections. It seemed like everyone is super inspired by her desire to make the smallest little log cabin blocks you've ever seen. Looking further I began to see that politics play very much into her work as an artist. She recently completed an "I can't breathe" quilt and has various other quilts that are social justice inclined.


I'm pretty obsessed with knitting right now. Hedgehog Fibres based in Cork, Ireland is not helping. Although I have not purchased anything from their store yet, I look to their instagram often for color inspirations. And that purple door! How can you go wrong?


All right, not fiber, just plants. But they go so well together! Sometimes you need to look at something that is not a part of your industry so you can completely relax. You'll find pictures of their own shop and houses filled with decadent plants. It's like scrolling from one beautiful oasis to another.


Knitting, again! Stephen West was really the reason why I just got into knitting again - I'm currently making his FRINGED shawl. I love love love his color choices & his fashion sense! I may have to start mimicking some of it. His patterns are quite easy to follow, but they produce works that looks anything but.

Take some time & peruse these lovely accounts and show them some love. <3

With love & beauty,

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