Festival of Fabrics Opening

Hi all. For those of you that couldn't make it, be it because of the Joaquin storms, or maybe that you are too far away, here is a little coverage of the opening night to Festival of Fabrics: Colors from the Earth. We were blessed with 50 some lovely souls passing through and warming the space. Many of them were participants, too! We are so thankful, and cannot wait to hear more input from you all of what you think.

We dyed these SUPER LONG bits of fabric in natural dyes for that tented festival look we were seeking.

Us at Wax & Wane, curator Gloria Azucena, and two of our most vivacious participants - Vicki and Tambra. These two ladies are awesome quilters and we are super excited to see their studios.

Our curator and her boo. This image represents most accurately the colors and feeling of the space during that day.

We love answering questions, especially when we can teach someone something so important to us.

The show will be deinstalled on the 13th (just a few days from now). However, if you are in the Baltimore area this weekend you should stop by and see the works up in all their glory. We are excited to plan our next set of workshops, events, and openings. These dyes and this place are so inspirational!

Until soon. With love & light & beauty,
Ashton & Claire

Posted on a Waning Crescent.